Ontario Golden Retriever Breeders



  OntarGold is a group of Ontario Golden Retriever Breeders who are dedicated to breeding quality Golden Retriever Puppies that are sound in mind and body. Some breed on an occasional basis while others operate on a larger scale but all are dedicated to the breed always giving thought to health, temperament, structure, quality, socialization and appearance. Their love of the breed guides their desire to develop a line that meets their ideal picture while protecting the true characteristics of the breed.

All OntarGold breeders are members in good standing with the Golden Retriever Club of Canada and register all puppies with the Canadian Kennel Club.

  Buying from a reputable breeder who carefully plans each breeding taking a pro-active approach in puppy raising with proper socialization in a clean safe, structured environment to promote optimal mental and physical health ensures that your puppy has had the best possible start in life. The reputable breeder can also provide valuable guidance in the care of your dog.

  Any guarantees implied or stated are from the individual breeder and should be given in writing. All copies of stated clearances should be made available to be viewed by you, the buyer.


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